About Me


My name is Anders Petersson and I am a Level Designer currently working on Payday 2 at Starbreeze Sudios in Stockholm Sweden.


Early on I started modding games as a pastime hobby which peaked my interest in game design. The idea of creating entire worlds with your fingertips and new experiences for people to explore is something that gives me great motivation and personal satisfaction.


As a person and a colleague I am social, easygoing and reliable. I have a high work ethic and always aim to deliver high quality work. I am not afraid to take the initiative and to take on new tasks and challenges. I have a big interest in games and design that is what I usually do in the pass time.


Working as a Level Designer on Payday entails a lot of responsibility over a level. It is my job together with the writers to come up with the premise for a new level that will fit the narrative. Once that has been established I can start coming up with and iterate on basic objectives and gameplay. When that has been done I will start blocking out a level.


After blocking out the level I can start scripting objectives so that the level can be tested and iterated upon. Once the level is in a good state I work closely together with art,tech art, sound design, qa and other diciplines to make sure that everything that is needed gets requested and implemented. The last time of production is then used to script voice overs and polishing the level.



Email: contact@anders-petersson.com

Phone: +46  (0)73-573-0695

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