Clover Island

Clover Island - Shipwreck Island

What is it?

This is the result of a two week level design assignment at Future Games in an early version of what was eventually going to become Skylar & Plux.

The goal was to create a level that took the player through several different envrionments with about 5 minutes of gameplay. As a result of this the map is more focused on the actual environment.

Platform: PC

Duration: 2 weeks

Game: Adventure on Clover Island


Level Layout

The level starts with the player being shipwrecked on the beach and the goal is to get to the top of the mountain. As soon as the player gets off the beach the elevator going up the mountain becomes visible.. In order to activate the elevator the player is goin to have to go around the main island.

Pacing Chart

Shipwreck Point

The level starts pretty rough with a lot och platforming and combat right from the beginning but it is not to bad because if you die you will respawn very close to where you died and there is a checkpoint early on.

The main goal is introduced early on and visible from all over the level.

Cozy Valley

The player is going to have to jump across the water on the breaking platforms and kill a couple of enemies to take a lift up to the cozy village .This is where the environment changes the first time into a mountain landscape with vegetation. There is a turrent and some more robots that can be quite dangerous if not dealt with straight away. After clearing the village there are to two ways to go to proceed. It doesn't really matter which way the player chooses to go.

The Quarry

There is not a lot of platforming at this point but more exploration, there are a couple of enemies inside of the quarry but the player will quickly realize that there is only one way to go.

The Broken Coast

This is where the pace picks up with more intense platforming and more enemies to fight. The player is going to have to jump from plaftorm to platform and island to island to get to other side of the main island.

Sandy Beach

Here the environment changes from the rocky islands that we saw before and into long flat beach for the player to explore. The pacing drops off again and if the player goes past the staircase and past the waterfall there is a collectable hidden next to the beach. Once the player is done exploring the only route remaining is up the staircase.

The Stream

Once up the staircase there is a small mountain path leading under a fallen rock. On the other side is a stream of melted snow from the mountain top that creates the waterfall on the beach. There is a bridge leading over the stream and on the other side are some enemies.

Logging Camp

This is where the environment changes again into a thick pinewood forest. It is in the proccess of being cut down .by the robots and the combat picks up with a deadly turret at the end..

Elevator & Button

Once through the logging camp the player can jumo on the button and activate the elevator to the snowy mountain.

Snowy Mountain

This is where the environment changes the last time into a snowy mountain top. After taking the elevator up the mountain the player is going to have to do some simple platforming to get to the peak..

Once at the peak of the mountain the player is going to have to defeat the boss. Once the boss is defeated the player can enter the mine and the level is completed.




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