Last of my Kind

Last of my Kind

What is it?

Last of my Kind is a top down game where you play as the last panda in China, the goal of the game is to survive 20 waves of poachers that wants to kill you and destroy your home.

If the panda is killed or the house gets destroy you will loose the game. If you survive all 20 waves you win.

The game was made as a group project in two weeks at Futuregames in the fall of 2015.

Platform: PC

Duration: 2 weeks

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Team: Size: 7

Project Role: Designer & Lead Scripter

Responsibilities: Gameplay Design, Gameplay Scripting, AI Scripting

Level Layout

The hut in which the panda lives is siutated in the centre of the map, this is where the panda also starts.

The enemies spawn in the corners of the map where the fog is thick and the player cannot go. They will move out of the fog and head towards the pandas hut.

There are several ditches on the map between the hut and where the pickups spawn. These ditches intermittently fill will water slowing down the player when trying to cross.

This increases the sense of danger and discourages the player from just running back and forth between the hut and the pickup spawn points.


As  the panda you will have two attacks to use to survive the poacher onslaught.


Your main attack is to maul at the enemy with your claws by clicking or holding the "left mouse button", this attack is infinite with no cooldown.


The second attack is to unleash a mighty roar at the enemy by pressing the "right mouse button", this is a powerful ranged attack that will kill any enemy standing in the way of the attack-cone. The roar has a 15 second cooldown however so you will have to use it in the right moment.


There are two types of enemies in the game, one is the melee poacher and the other one is the ranged poacher. The AI tells them to head towards the hut to destroy it. If they come in visible range of the player they will attack the player instead.

The melee poacher will have to catch up to the player to be able to attack and the ranged may fire his musket from a distance. The AI is pretty similar in both cases with the exception of the type of attack

 Ranged Poacher Blueprints

Melee Poacher Blueprints


There are three types of pickups in the game that all do different things.

The "health pickup" and the "roar energy recharge pickup" only spawn in certain intervals and randomly next two the four lion statues located around the map. This forces the player to constantly move around the map two collect their benefits.

The "bamboo sticks" works as a resource to repair your hut with. They spawn in numbers in a field in four different areas of the map. you can carry up to 10 stacks of bamboo, both the amount currently carried and the maximum amount will be indicated in a UI element on the screen.

To repair the hut the player will just have to step next to it and it will be automatically upgraded.

Cup of Noodles - This is a healthpickup that restores a certain amount of healthpoints.

Insta Roar Energy - This is a pickup that instantly removes the cooldown of the roar attack.

Stack of Bamboo - This pickup allows you to repair a certain amount of healthpoints of you hut.




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